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This is the next seasonally-inspired workshop series hosted by (W)rites of Passage and facilitated by creative writing midwife Sarah Elizabeth Schantz. Using The High Priestess card from the major arcana of the Tarot, the six-week course will take place online via Zoom,  January 22nd until February 26th, 2022

Week One | The Pomegranate | January 22nd

Week Two | The Crescent Moon | January 29th

Week Three | The Scroll, The Scripture | February 5th

Week Four | The Temple | February 12th

Week Five | The Pillar | February 19th

Week Six | The High Priestess | February 26th

Given the current state of the world, (W)rites of Passage will continue solely hosting all workshops online via Zoom (at least until Spring 2022) for the safety of everyone involved; each workshop for this series will be on a Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. MST (info above) with a Salon/Celebration/Ceremony on Sunday, February 27th.

$300.00 for all six weeks (plus a 15 page critique from the instructor) or $60.00 per Saturday.

Space is limited to 8 writers each week and tends to fill fast so register now!

If you'd like to register, please email us at

This thematic workshop series pays homage to The High Priestess from the Tarot; while each sub-theme for the series is inspired by symbols from the traditional depiction of this Major Arcana card,  each Saturday will distill the essence of the symbol allotted for that week to explore a highly concentrated idea of theme as muse to inspire the writing to come. The six weeks that is High Priestess Winter will act as an initiation rite to write your/our story. We will explore the temple after we eat the seeds of a pomegranate under the sickle of a crescent moon in winter to become the priestess between the pillars holding the scripture we seek to compose as well as read. 

Participants can sign up for one, two, three, four, five, or all six Saturdays; as always, this workshop is open to both the novice and the seasoned writer just as we welcome poetry and prose alike (as well as the hybrid text between or the outrider narrative from the edges of the page or whatever genre you happen to be writing).

We will use divinatory poetics as a strategy for entering your/our story and other prompts that include everything from Dada & Surrealist games to Jungian writing games to mapping to daydreaming to ritual. (W)rites of Passage is akin to Church for (W)rites, a safe space designed to help liberate you from all the gatekeepers and critics, especially those figures that reside within the structures that have aimed to keep us out. Novelist, Sarah Elizabeth Schantz will midwife both the individuals who comprise the collective and the collective too. 



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