(W)rites of Passage Policies:


Deposits & Refunds: To guarantee a seat in any upcoming workshop, you should register via email to reserve a spot as far ahead of time as is possible; you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit of half the full amount by whatever date is two weeks before the start of the series. For example, if you plan to take all six weeks of the upcoming series, "Hermit's Winter," you would pay a non-refundable deposit for $150.00 (half of what the entire series costs) two weeks before the series starts and pay the rest on the first day of the series. If you are only planning on taking one of the workshops in a series (valued at $60.00), then you'd send a deposit of $30.00, and again, pay the remainder the day you come. That said, if you are planning on attending only one of the Saturdays for the forthcoming "Hermit's Winter," unless otherwise noted by the facilitator, you would still need to pay this deposit two weeks prior to the date the series starts and not two weeks prior to the date of the workshop you are attending.

While these deposits are non-refundable (unless notice is given before the two-week prior deadline), arrangements can be made depending on a case-to-case basis. For example, if you do need to miss a workshop or entire series, we could always carry some of the amount over to be used for future workshops (within reason and depending on the circumstances). But do keep this in mind: (W)rites of Passage is unique in the fact it offers scholarships and/or a sliding scale pay system to those in need. While these scholarships and sliding scale slots are limited to one or two seats per workshop series, there are ALWAYS one or two awarded per series. As a result, there is not as much financial wiggle room for any potential loss. The workshops tend to fill fast and eight participants is the absolute maximum. Once a series has started, it is more difficult to fill seats that suddenly become open. If you do need to miss a Saturday, or an entire series, you might choose to look at your "lost" deposit as not lost but as a donation toward this scholarship fund.

We encourage you to communicate with us about your situation. We might also be inclined to refund your deposit if you can help us find a suitable writer to fill your seat. If you are one of the participating writers who has been awarded a scholarship or sliding scale payment, and you anticipate missing a Saturday or more, please let us know as soon as possible. 

If you are no longer able to attend a workshop series which has already begun, and that you've paid for in full, we will not be able to offer you a refund of any kind as it will be too difficult to fill your seat at this point. Depending on the situation, we might be able to offer you a critique, or workshop space in a future series.

If you are uncertain that (W)rites of Passage is for you, we encourage you to read all the information on the website, and to email the facilitator with any questions or concerns. Furthermore, we might be able to arrange for you to come observe a Saturday. 

Safe Space & Conduct: (W)rites of Passage is a safe space for writers to come and practice the craft of writing. We welcome diversity as much as we embrace it. Safe space means we all respect each other as fellow human beings. We might not always agree with each other, but we would never cause another person deliberate harm or distress. The facilitator reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the workshop space if she feels that participant is disruptive or disrespectful. If you are participating in a (W)rites of Passage workshop, and feel unsafe for whatever reason, please contact the facilitator right away to let her know.

Punch Card System: To reward and honor our regulars, (W)rites of Passage does offer a punch card system. However, due to past confusion regarding this practice please read the following specifications to understand the particular limitations of this policy. If you take a FULL workshop series and pay the FULL amount, you will get one free Saturday from the NEXT series, but ONLY if you sign up to take the FULL series, and ONLY if you take the series following the one you just paid for in FULL. For example: If you just took all four weeks of the summer series and paid the full amount of $200.00, and you have registered for all six weeks of the fall series, instead of paying the full amount of $300.00, you will get one free Saturday, and thus pay $250.00 instead. But if you skip the fall series and sign up for the winter series, even if you sign up for all six weeks, you will lose that free Saturday. Furthermore, if you take all four weeks of the summer, then all six weeks of the fall series, and then sign up to take the full winter series you will need to pay the full price again (you can then get one free Saturday if you take the next spring series). Finally, if you are a scholarship or sliding scale recipient, this system does not apply. Please email us if you still have questions. While we do keep records of payment, it is up to you to remind us when you do have a free Saturday. This punch card system only applies to the seasonal series workshops hosted by (W)rites of Passage and not one-on-one work or day-long workshops.