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"I didn't know quite what to expect when I signed up for my first (W)rites of Passage workshop series, but I was feeling frustrated and burned out, and wanted something to reinvigorate my writing life. (W)rites of Passage did that and more. The atmosphere of every workshop is so open and accepting, and brought me back to the flow and joy of true creativity. The workshops gave me space to reach and expand in new directions, to explore literature from new perspectives, and to share with writers of all levels of experience. (W)rites of Passage has turned out to be more than a writing workshop. It is a collective celebration of craft to awaken the creative soul."—Jeannie Mobley, award-winning author of Searching for Silverheels and Katerina's Wish

"(W)rites of Passage has without fail created openings for me as both reader and writer with each workshop I've attended. Sarah and Julieanne are creative midwives, gently coaxing forward a fissure where language can gestate or germinate or fester (whichever you might prefer). Their genuine care for the ritual of writing and the nurturing of idea, combined with their impeccable editorial eyes, create a safe space where each participant's projects are welcomed and tended to. This is a place for conversation. This is a place for intention. This is a birthplace for the writing to come."—Jade Lascelles, Poet, Letter Press Operator & Instructor at Naropa University, Editor at Sounds True


"After writing seven published mystery novels (and several unpublished), I was burnt out. Writing felt like the last thing I wanted to do. But after a two-year hiatus, I found (W)rites of Passage. Sarah's generous spirit soothed my jittery self-doubt. Her gentle encouragement felt like sage on my soul. Her prompts and readings gave rise to new thought and with that, new hope. Sarah's steadfast faith in my work brought me back to what I love--writing. I return again and again to feed that part of me that I thought had been lost forever."—Terri Thayer


"Sarah is a modern-day shaman for writers. She walks between the visible and invisible worlds, inspiring writers to find their story through an examination of eclectic literature, enchanting rituals and practical workshops. She is an immaculate editor, an impressive wordsmith and a true visionary. The (W)rites of Passage workshop is a gathering for fine artists and a gateway for those who wish to journey beyond their known potential."—Elisabeth Sowecke, MFA


"I understand why [Sarah is] . . . a midwife of the written word now. I am in the library now, hacking away at my pieces and [her] . . . input is remarkable. Thank you [Sarah] for making me feel wonderful about my pieces and adding this magical element to each story I have produced."—Madeleine Seltzer, MFA candidate at CSU


"I learned so much from your workshop, and soaked up so much good writing. It was challenging to join in with all the writers with impressive writing backgrounds, but everyone was a source of needed information of one kind or another . . . Thank you for all the time and energy you put into making the workshop so helpful. Your work as teachers is impressive."—Jane Golden, Former Dancer, Artist & Aspiring Writer

"I am so very pleased with your thoughtful critique. I can't say I got such food for thought for a poem for a long time. Stir the creative juices. Sarah, you are so wonderful! Thank you."—Poet, Ravitte Kentworth

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