(W)e are forever updating this page for the following reasons: (w)e are consistently working to expand our community, making new friends all the time, and our (w)riters are continuously, always becoming: maybe they're publishing their first book (or their seventh) and/or teaching their own workshops and/or working as editors and/or writing coaches and/or sensitivity readers and/or book designers and/or literary assistants and/or hosting literary events and/or giving birth to literary movements and/or starting small presses and/or earning degrees in the craft of writing. In other words, this page is infinitely a work-in-progress, and if it seems (w)e have forgotten you, please know (w)e haven't—(w)e either don't know what you've further become or made or done—or else (w)e're buried in other words. No matter what, let us know what to add, and (w)e will follow through with the trajectory of that gentle nudge as soon as (w)e can. (W)e love you all.

CA Conrad: is someone working in the world of divinatory poetics who inspired Sarah Elizabeth Schantz, the founder of (W)rites of Passage. CA Conrad is the second writer to be invited to our Guest Author Workshop Series and is an artist who has shaped the way we approach the ritual including the (w)rites we passage through. Please check out their website:

Collective Aporia: This literary collective orbits the space of (W)rites of Passage as (w)e orbit their delta in return (often exchanging love letters via shooting stars in the way of shared community members); a nonprofit, Collective Aporia questions the edges, thus is ever-expansive and eternally-expanding as it traverses the globe, escapes the confines, and seeks social justice by being infinitely open to change. Click here if you too would like to expand:

Julia Brennan: Julia is the author of the novel Hunting Season which won the 2019 Tarpaulin Sky Book Award. She also teaches creative writing workshops and has a website just for this forthcoming. For now you can find out about what classes she is offering by following her on Instagram. Here's her website—please buy her book and reach out to her about getting on her mailing list too:

Steven Dunn: if you've ever taken a seasonal series from (W)rites of Passage, you have likely been given at least one excerpt from one of Steven's books Potted Meat or water & power; Steven was the very first writer (w)e invited to our Guest Author Workshop Series. He's not only an amazing writer who practices softness but a beloved teacher too; aka "Pothole," Steven is deep in these streets and you can find him here:     

Four Queens: Founded by Kristen E. Nelson & Selah Saterstrom, Four Queens invokes the four queens of the Tarot, and is both a platform and paradigm centering divination & divinatory projects via a variety of offerings, classes, and services. Both Kristen and Selah are phenomenal writers whose work you should purchase and devour immediately. Selah has been an inspiration and instrumental source of support for Sarah, the founder of (W)rites of Passage. Check these queens out:

Hillary Leftwich & Al·che·my Author Services & Writing Workshops: Hillary Leftwich is a writer, a teacher, and a witch who has a very similar ethos to (W)rites of Passage (consider her and her services a twin). Like (W)rites of Passage, and writing midwife Sarah Elizabeth Schantz, Hillary is equally interested in liberating the liberal arts and making the workshop space a space for all writers, not just writers working in the realm of academia, or writers coming from privilege. Her book Ghosts Are Just Strangers Who Know How to Knock has knocked on our hearts here at (W) and pages of it have certainly haunted some of our reading lists. We eagerly anticipate her forthcoming hybrid memoir Aura (February of 2022. Check her alchemy out at the following website:

Erin Jendras & Writes Magic: Erin Jendras attended the first-ever workshop hosted by (W)rites of Passage back in 2014 (Mystic Winter) and won us over with her tenderness and tears. A certified book coach Erin specializes in speculative fiction and is motivated to diversify the writers working within this genre by helping you find your way. Find out more by following:

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