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a creative writing workshop 
Sept. 24th-Oct. 29th, 2022

SOLD OUT!!! (Ask to be on wait list)

Framed Fall is a six-week long creative writing workshop series brought to you by (W)rites of Passage and facilitated by novelist and writing midwife, Sarah Elizabeth Schantz, MFA. We will meet Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. MST on Zoom.


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WEEK I: Portraits & Profiles | Sept. 24th


WEEK II: Landscapes & Still Life | Oct. 1st


WEEK III: Backstory, Summary, Memory Moments | Oct. 8th

WEEK IV: Flashbacks | Oct. 15th


WEEK V: Flashforwards, Fantasies & Dreams | Oct. 22nd


WEEK VI: Frames & Framing | Oct. 29th


Salon, Celebration & Closing Ceremony (Oct. 30th from 11:00-12:30)


Each Saturday has an individual sub theme designed to compliment the overall concept of "frames & framing" in craft and literature. We will study and write inside and outside the frame to better portray our characters (and personas) on the page; set the setting via landscapes and the still-life; and guide our readers into the past, the future, and the interior imagination of our characters by creating space and containers to map the experience by simultaneously recognizing that time is never linear; thinking about the camera, the brushstroke, the pen or pencil or stick of charcoal we should use, we will also examine the overall "frame" and "structure" our narratives need (including when, how, and why to bleed or bevel the edges, and when, how, and why to fold or cut a crisp corner or make a text sharp enough to slice the reader's finger). 


Sarah serves as a writing midwife by providing space to write in community. She offers literary examples for participants to study and assigns unique writing prompts designed to inspire both the novice and seasoned writer (these are often custom-tailored to the individuals and collective each class creates). Both poets and prose writers are welcome as well as all genres (no snobbery here!). Come write your/our story. Small workshops of no more than 8 writers guarantees the intimacy artists require to truly flourish.

$300 for the entire series

(includes a 15 page critique)

or $60 per Saturday.

Please register by emailing us at

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