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This online intensive prose-focused workshop zeros in on the fine art of the line edit (or maybe it's science?) and why you should learn this skill and perform it on your own work as well as the writing of others. We will look at a variety of useful and specific strategies for reshaping the sentence (and the fragment too) while discovering the hidden creativity and inspiration to be found in such a seemingly tedious process. In addition to thinking about punctuation (and re-thinking it too), we will identify useful (and surprisingly exact) tools for sharpening language; as we reconsider each line (and each choice within that sentence), we will learn how such microscopic work can result in big picture revision, vastly improving a larger project one careful step at a time. Whether you have no idea what a line edit is or just don't know how to do it, this class is for you. Maybe you're a natural but don't why? Come find out. Students will submit work ahead of time, then via a live split screen, witness their work getting dissected and reimagined by the instructor while receiving simultaneous detailed explanation for each decision.

There will also be room for discussion.


While this mini-workshop will likely be recurring, the first and only one scheduled so far will be Friday morning, May 29th from 10:00-11:30 a.m.

Space is limited to 5 writers. $30.00.

To register email the instructor at

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