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A Creative Writing Workshop 
July 9th thru July 30th, 2022 



Unreliable Summer is a four-week long creative writing workshop series brought to you by (W)rites of Passage and facilitated by novelist, Sarah Elizabeth Schantz, MFA. We will meet the last four Saturdays of July on Zoom from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm MST.


Lies & Liars: July 9th ~ Rumors & Gossip: July 16th

Tall Tales & Urban Legends: July 23rd ~ The Unreliable Narrator: July 30th

(Salon & Closing Ceremony: July 31st, 1:00-2:30 pm MST)


Each Saturday has an individual sub theme designed to compliment the overall concept of "unreliability" and the alleged "unreliable narrator," a literary term many writers question just as much as we question the credibility of the characters who so often get categorized as such; we will write (and read) narrators who are simply uncertain or naive, as well as those who are deliberately dishonest, delusional, or playing dumb; we will be intentionally malicious as we simultaneously spin a yarn just to entertain our audience or get their attention or make them like us. We will explore rumors, gossip, lies of all kinds, tall tales, and urban legends to call upon the narrator we can't always trust, but want to hear from anyway. We will investigate the truth fiction tells and unveil the lies only memoir can reveal. We will boast about the biggest fish we ever caught and whisper about that one time we saw Big Foot in the woods. Then we'll share stories, like the one about that girl your cousin knew from Jersey who picked up The Vanishing Hitchhiker down in Florida (no shit!) or the chain letter that got your mother's best friend killed back in high school because she refused to keep it going (despite all the warnings!). We will dance to Rumours on a crackly turntable and play with the exclamation point just as much as we will fiddle with the question mark and explore the mysterious . . . We will name-drop with the best of the best after we sit together on the front porch sipping spiked lemonade and getting all caught up on everyone's business (and I do mean everyone!). Our loose lips will sink ships after we posture on social media, hiding behind the latest filter and carefully crafted caption. From there we will travel back in time to partake in a good old game of "Telephone" or we will time-travel because the Trickster tricked us into taking a look over there in the woods, over there behind the abandoned shopping mall, over there in the drainage tunnel off the interstate. 


Sarah serves as a writing midwife by providing space to write in community. She offers literary examples for participants to study & assigns unique writing prompts designed to inspire both the novice & seasoned writer. Both poets & prose writers are welcome.

Come write your story/our story. Small workshops of no more than 8 writers guarantees the intimacy artists require to truly flourish. 

$200 for the entire series (includes an 8 page critique) or $60 for individual Saturdays. Please register by emailing us at or clicking on the contact tab above. 

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