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WEEK ONE: The Body (Sept. 25th)    

WEEK TWO: Tree of Life (Oct. 2nd)

WEEK THREE: The Gallows & Inversion (Oct. 9th)

WEEK FOUR: The Crossroads (Oct. 16th)

WEEK FIVE: Sacrifice (Oct. 23rd)

WEEK SIX: The Halo (Oct. 30th)

[There will be a Salon/Celebration/Ceremony on Halloween from 1:00-3:00 p.m. MST]

Given the current state of the world, (W)rites of Passage will continue solely hosting all workshops online via Zoom (at least until Spring 2022) for the safety of everyone involved; each workshop for this series will be on a Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. MST with a Salon/Celebration/Ceremony on Sunday, Oct. 31st (info above).

$300.00 for all six weeks (plus a 15 page critique from the instructor) or $60.00 per Saturday. Space is limited to 8 writers each week and tends to fill fast so register now! If you'd like to register, please email us at


This thematic workshop series pays homage to The Hanged One from the Tarot; while each sub-theme for the series is inspired by aspects of the traditional depiction of this Major Arcana card, the series returns to the modality of prior workshops where the study of the Tarot is no longer emphasized as it was during SUITED SPRING and COURTING SUMMER. The Hanged One is a card about the crossroads, about the liminal space, the neither-here-nor-there threshold where choice and sacrifice vibrate and transition is inevitable. The Crossroads is both a literary and spiritual place, and a space where writers find themselves more than they might like. That said, The Crossroads is a potent place for a persona or character to arrive at in literature so we are ecstatic to write to and from this intersection with all of you. The six weeks that is The Hanged Fall is full of the possibility of becoming; each Saturday is laden with the symbols and motifs of its individual theme for participants to draw from as a means to write your/our story. We will examine the meat that contains the spirit as we hang in the space between summer and winter; as we dangle from the Tree of Life, whether it's to be crucified or to superstitiously knock on wood, we will hang upside down to shift perspective in a literary game of hanged (hu)man where we can search for the perfect words needed to venture out to the iconic crossroads where we must leave our offerings in exchange for learning the divine mysteries of the halo. 

Participants can sign up for one, two, three, four, five, or all six Saturdays; as always, this workshop is open to both the novice and the seasoned writer just as we also welcome poetry and prose alike (as well as the hybrid text between or the outrider narrative from the edges of the page or whatever genre you happen to be writing).


We will use divinatory poetics as a strategy for entering your/our story and other prompts that include everything from Dada & Surrealist games to Jungian writing games to mapping to daydreaming to ritual. (W)rites of Passage is akin to Church for (W)rites, a safe space designed to help liberate you from all the gatekeepers and critics, especially those figures that reside within. Novelist, Sarah Elizabeth Schantz will midwife both the individuals who comprise the collective and the collective too. 


THE HANGED FALL: a seasonally-inspired workshop series


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