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SUITED SPRING:           Sorry, SOLD OUT!!! Email to be placed on the waitlist.

a seasonally-inspired creative writing workshop series

While this looks like a writing class focused solely on the Tarot, it's not exactly that (but it's also kind of a creative writing workshop focused on this divinatory method, at least as far as the four suits of the minor arcana are concerned). Nevertheless, we are keeping to the tradition of the seasonal workshops we've been offering four times a year since 2014; SUITED SPRING will look at the four suits of the Tarot deck—WANDS, CUPS, SWORDS, and PENTACLES—as incredibly versatile THEMES in which to organize the four Saturdays (look below at the individual descriptions to see what we mean). While Sarah Elizabeth Schantz, the founder of (W)rites of Passage, and the facilitator of most of our workshops, often employs divination as a writing tool, she's designed SUITED SPRING to deliberately utilize the four suits of the Tarot's minor arcana as inspiration, muse, and guide for the writing to come. Each week, for each new suit, each participant will receive a card of their own to work with as a means for generating new text (or as a strategy for revision). Because COURTING SUMMER is the next series (dates TBA), and will cover the court cards of the Tarot (PAGE, KNIGHT, KING, QUEEN), for SUITED SPRING, we will only draw ACE through TEN for each suit per week. If you take more than one week (all four is encouraged, especially for this series), you will leave with a spread of four cards (one from each suit) to further work with as a writer; this will also deepen your understanding of the four suits (or introduce you to the concept). Via assigned readings, research, group discussions, and writing exercises, you will learn the basics regarding WANDS, CUPS, SWORDS, and PENTACLES, while simultaneously enriching your writing, yourself as a writer, and yourself as a writer in a writing community. You do not need to know anything about the Tarot to take this class (if you don't have a Tarot deck, getting the Rider-Waite or Smith-Waite deck is a good idea, but also not necessary). That said, it should be stressed that this is a WRITING WORKSHOP first and foremost. This workshop is for all writers of all levels, from the novice to the seasoned, it is also for poets and prose writers alike—CNF and fiction equally welcome. To guarantee the intimacy and time every artist requires (and deserves), space is limited to eight writers per week. This is a safe space. If you are new (and even if you aren't), you should read the Policies page.

WEEK 1: WANDS (April 24th) ~ WEEK 2: CUPS (May 1st) 

WEEK 3: SWORDS (May 8th) ~ WEEK 4: PENTACLES (May 15th)

(optional but encouraged: SALON/CELEBRATION/CLOSING CEREMONIES on Sunday, May 16, 1:00-3:00 p.m.)


WANDS: Starting the series off, on April 24th, we will look at all things "wand," which could be anything from focusing on the stick a magician waves in your coming-of-age novel about a girl-clown in a 1950s circus to the branches on a tree your protagonist climbs to the drumsticks a drummer bangs on her drums in a CNF essay about music to the curved cane your grandmother relied upon to the clubs from a deck of playing cards in a hand you've been dealt; we will also pay attention to the fact this suit is associated with FIRE, and watch the flames for the information this element will likely ignite.

CUPS: Time to get emotional (as Whitney Houston would sing), on May 1st we will flow further forward into the series with all things "cup," which could mean anything from five shot glasses lined up on a bar in a tavern in a small town in a novella you're writing about a bartender and a prostitute to the golden chalice a queen holds to the lips of her lover in a fantasy short story to the heart that beats inside our chests and makes us write to the rhythm of our feelings to the bright red Valentine the dealer shuffles from a deck of playing cards; we will also pay attention to the fact this suit is associated with WATER and allow such wisdom and fluidity to guide us down a stream-of-consciousness.

SWORDS: Using our intellect and imagination, on May 8th, we cut the deck once more to move forward, examining and analyzing all things "sword," which could be anything from the Ace of Spades dealt to your main character in a short story where he's gambling his life away to the razor blade your father used to shave with that appears in your memoir about running and addiction to a scene in your middle grade book where kids play pirate in a forgotten playground in the woods; we will also pay attention to the fact this suit is associated with AIR, and use this energy to interpret these divinatory messages and what they might  inspire. 

PENTACLES: To ground the writers out, we end the series on May 15th with all things "pentacle," which could mean anything from the diamonds in a regular pack of playing cards to the princess cut gem on your main character's finger to the dirt dug to bury dear old Dad to the crops that fail in your historical novel about the Great Depression to an ode about compost to a sestina about composting toilets; we will also pay attention to the fact this suit is associated with EARTH and the deep knowing this element offers over as we wrap our hands around our roots to touch our ancestors.

This four-week long workshop series will take place online via Zoom on Saturdays

from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. MST

$200.00 for the entire series (plus a 10 page critique) or $60.00 per Saturday

To register, please email us at

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