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SYDNEY FOWLER—brought to you by 
The (W)rites of Passage 
Guest Author Workshop Series


Sydney Fowler will be facilitating 2 different workshops for us:                        



Please note: While some people will only be interested in the first workshop, others might like to begin/continue their journey as a professional sensitivity reader which the second workshop caters to (if you think you are the latter, please know you will need to take the first class). Please read on for more information.



April 29th, 2023 | 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. MST on Zoom as hosted by (W)

Sensitivity Readers (also called authenticity, diversity, or targeted beta readers) use their lived experiences to help writers of all genres create more authentic and respectful portrayals of marginalized identities and communities. When done well, hiring a sensitivity reader can be a meaningful investment in underrepresented communities. In this workshop, we will deepen our understanding of sensitivity reading beyond public relations and into the complex intersections of craft and activism. We will draw distinctions between sensitivity reading and censorship and address other misconceptions about the profession. We will reflect on our projects and identities through exercises and discuss the importance of telling stories with intentionality and respect. Participants will leave with strategies for finding readers appropriate for their works in progress and guidance for how to prepare for sensitivity reader services.

Cost: $60-$90 sliding scale (please email us at to register)





May 6th, 2023 | 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. MST on Zoom as hosted by (W)

Sensitivity Reading can be an accessible and financially lucrative field which emphasizes lived experience over formal or academic training. Further, it presents a rare opportunity to get paid to help create more authentic media through the lens of underrepresented experiences. However, there are few places to learn how to get started or to discuss challenges and build community.


In this workshop, we will discuss sensitivity reading from the ground up including how to determine rates, where to find clients, and how to assess a project fit. We will cover client expectations and the ways you can customize your services. We will emphasize the emotional and intellectual labor inherent in the work and the necessity of establishing clear boundaries. We will reflect on ways sensitivity reading can help create more diverse stories while investing in the lives of marginalized communities. We will expand the conversation beyond books into opportunities for projects across all forms of media. Along the way, we will cover some of the challenges you may face as a sensitivity reader and how to protect yourself in vulnerable situations. Participants will leave with knowledge of how to get started in the field, a resource list, and direction for completing projects.

This workshop is for folks with experiences and identities underrepresented in media who are interested in either becoming a sensitivity reader or for sensitivity readers interested in learning more about the industry. Participants must have attended the previous workshop, Authenticity Matters: The Role of Sensitivity Readers in Writing and Publishing. 

Cost: $30-$60 sliding scale in addition to the price of the first workshop, Authenticity Matters (please email us at to register)

Sydney Fowler is a non-binary writer, sensitivity reader, writer instructor, and activist living in Denver, CO.


Sydney started their Sensitivity Reading business, Inqueery, LLC., in 2015 after graduating with a Double BA in Queer Studies and Psychology. Specializing in LGBTQIA+, interpersonal violence, alternative relationships, and mental illness, they use their lived experience to help authors and editors create more authentic and respectful portrayals of marginalized identities and communities. They've consulted on bestselling and award winning Fiction and Nonfiction books, poetry, and short story collections. They've worked on projects for both traditional publishing Big 5 and indie publishers, and on self-published projects. Sydney has also consulted on a vast assortment of media including: K-12 curriculum, research, podcasts, board and table-top role playing games, websites, logos and ad campaigns, magazine articles, and educational videos. They are the host of The Sensitivity Reading Podcast.

Sydney teaches at Lighthouse Writers Workshop in the Young Writers and Adult Community Engagement Programs and is a 2021 Lighthouse Book Project graduate. Their publications include an essay in The Snarktastic Guide to College Success (Pearson), a peer-reviewed article in New Directions in Folklore, and a chapter in Handbook of Sexuality Leadership (Routledge). They are currently working on a queer novel about a non-binary selkie navigating inter-generational trauma with the help of a rural coven of witches.

Sydney's website:


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