Six-Week Long Series on Saturdays

from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in East Boulder

(Sept. 21st-Oct. 26th 2019)

Week One: MASONRY (Sept. 21) ~ Week Two: THE TOWER (Sept. 28th)

Week Three: THE CROWN (Oct. 5th) ~ Week Four: LIGHTNING (Oct. 12th)

Week Five: DESTRUCTION (Oct. 19th) ~ Week Six: DENOUEMENT (Oct. 26th)

Towering Fall is the next seasonally-inspired thematic creative writing workshop series facilitated by novelist, Sarah Elizabeth Schantz, MFA. Inspired by The Tower from the Tarot, this series focuses on the archetypal imagery of this trump card as well as the inherent narrative structure it offers. We will use Towering Fall to build our writing while focusing on tension, conflict, and resolution/redemption on the page. Sarah acts as a writing midwife by providing a safe space for writers to gather and write in community and a place for writers to give and receive constructive feedback; Sarah assigns unique prompts and exercises designed to open both the seasoned writer and the novice as individuals explore the craft, embark upon new projects, dive deeper into current works-in-progress, and/or work on revisionary undertakings. This workshop is for poets and prose writers alike just as it welcomes both fiction and creative nonfiction writers. We will build Towers from the Brick & Mortar of language, dive into the recesses of our intellect via The Crown, charge our writing and inspire our psyches with the power of Lightning, and study the art of Destruction and Denouement.  As writers we will learn how to stay strong in this world, how to fall safely when we have to fall, and how to get back up and then rebuild by tending to and cultivating our own writing practices and writing rituals. We will blueprint your writing while laying a solid foundation on which to build and support your writing discipline to come. Via experiments in ritual we will enter the text that is our/your story. Each Saturday is limited to 8 participants so register now to guarantee a seat.

$300 for entire six week course (includes a 20 page critique) or $60 per individual workshop.

To register, email or click the Contact Tab or call 720-231-0893.