Foolish Winter is the next workshop series in the seasonally-inspired, always thematic, (W)rites of Passage Creative Writing Series. Facilitated by award-winning novelist and teacher, Sarah Elizabeth Schantz serves as a writing midwife by providing space to write in community. She offers literary examples for participants to study and assigns unique prompts designed to inspire both the novice and seasoned writer; calling upon the Sacred Clown this forthcoming Winter we will write from the edge with long-stemmed roses upon the white petals of the page with a faithful dog by our side; eventually we will decide whether or not we need our baggage, or if we must chuck it off the cliff on which we teeter and dance depending. Just as the Fool journeys through the major arcana of the Tarot deck, so do our protagonists, narrators, and personas, thus we will use the symbols surrounding this divine archetype to descend into the narratives we need to tell to come back anew on the other side. Looking into the abyss of the all-consuming zero we will use ritual to enter your | our story. Both poets and prose writers welcome. Small workshops of no more than 8 participants per Saturday guarantee the intimacy and attention all artists require in order to truly grow and develop their craft.



A Six-Week Long Course in 2020 on Saturdays from

11:00-2:30 in East Boulder

$300 for all six Saturdays

(plus a 20 page critique)

or $60 per individual Saturday.

To register email or call 720-231-0893

Week 1: Zero | 0 | Jan. 18th 

Week 2: The Edge | Jan. 25th 

Week 3: Baggage | Feb. 1st 

Week 4: Rose | Feb. 8th


Week 5: Dog | Feb. 15th

Week 6: The Fool | Feb. 22nd